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Saturday, 23 April 2011

013- "Progressive" Hypocrisy (minor quip.)

I find it absolutely incredible that Vince Cable has decided to come out and plea to the "progressive majority" to band together and squeeze through a Yes vote on the AV referendum, penned in for the 5th May 2011.

 "It's been largely forgotten that Liberal and Labour MPs voted AV through the House of Commons but in 1931 the reform was never completed. Conservative governments have dominated ever since without securing a majority of the popular vote. It's time for the progressive majority in the country to rise above this narrow tribalism and support this reform because we need to make sure the progressive majority wins elections in this century and not the Conservatives as they did, by the back door, for two-thirds of the last century." - Vince Cable

Simply amazing. He complains about the Conservatives getting into power and yet was probably instrumental in brokering the agreement which has lead to the current Liberal Democrat- Conservative coalition.

Cable and his gang decided in contempt of "progressives" when they decided to forge a deal with the Regressives Conservatives, after days of behind-closed-door negotiations. By my reckoning, this would constitute power "by the back door." And all this for a government "in the national interest" of saddling a generation with debt and lock them out of higher education, of squeezing public service provision and of failing to adequately address the wanton financial abuse by fat cats in The City.  

I sincerely hope that people who didn't vote for the Conservatives, but who remain aggrieved by the spineless standing of the Lib Dems as coalition lackeys, see past their deficiency and take up the call to vote Yes on the AV referendum, and seize the rare opportunity to affect change in our political system.

This call for change may be being lead by the most hypocritical, spineless clique to date, but let us not allow their shortcomings to dampen genuinely progressive endeavour. 


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