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"Manchmal werden Leute den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen."

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

017- No Irish, No Muslims on a Royal Afternoon

There are only three days left until Britain engages in nauseating royalist syncophancy, and the most obsequious of Britons has already readied himself for duty.

Source: Reuters/Andrew Winning

"I am a royalist and there's a lot of royalists in this country...I came here on bank holiday Monday, on the 25th of April, I came here exactly at five o'clock when the Big Ben chimed five times because it spells Diana's name, D-I-A-N-A," he is quoted as saying. The British Establishment must be proud, and will soon be wishing for more it's citizens to stand-in-line for mandatory deference to the Windsor clan.

However, the Establishment are also aware that a good portion of the inhabitants of Britain are not so readily submissive to and in awe of the unaccountable authority of the royals, for it is choosing to leak little, vague pieces of information with regard to potential threats to the "momentous" day.

The Irish and the Muslims are right back on the agenda, and it's high time you knew about the "threats" to the established order from these foreigners.

Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens of New Scotland Yard has urged onlookers to be the 'eyes and ears' of the royalist police, and to inform them if anyone is acting 'suspiciously' or more to the point, with a shred of cynicism for this superfluous nonsense.

The resurgence of yet another splinter of the Irish Republican Army is indeed a cause for concern for the Establishment, as they have been unable to silence the perennial calls for the reunification of the island of Ireland, or the violent reprisals that come with them. The MI5 are apparently convinced that this new shade of the IRA may be capable of launching an attack on the British mainland, and in the light of their recent statement that the Queen would be a legitimate target if she steps foot on Irish Republican soil, it has been concluded that they may not wait for her- or her family- to make that journey. So, people of Britain, beware of the Irish Republicans and Catholics, the group which is neither permitted to marry into the British Monarchy, nor allowed to make their feelings known within Parliament without having to swear an oath to the Monarchy, the very institution their ideology opposes. Anyway, I'm sure "our boys" will be able to deal with their angst. Oh wait...

As for the Muslims, well what more do I need to say? They are the popular scapegoat of the day for much of Britain's social divides and dubious foreign policy. When a small, rag-tag band of British people who happen to practise Islam, decide they've had enough of having their religion metaphorically defecated upon by the Establishment, for the convenience of justifying waves of military action in Ummah, suddenly the outposts of the Establishment fall over themselves to make the people aware of the ambiguous links they may have to that dangerous overseas place, the Middle East

What becomes apparent in all of this is the horrible attempt to paint anyone who may think differently to the prevailing order, as decidedly abnormal. Muslims are automatically religious extremists, hell bent on introducing Sharia law and taking over the country, whilst the Irish are historic terrorists; the damned thorn in the side that refuses to give in to British dominance. And we haven't even begun to mention the anarchists, loony lefties and killjoys. Not once have these people been given their usual title of British, who are merely people like you and me. Contrary to what they might have you think, those who oppose the unaccountable monarchy are not automatically foreign. There is no land they can 'go back to if they don't like it,' for this land is their own. 

If to be Irish means to oppose the British ruling classes and be prepared to fight for a different way, then on Friday 29th April 2011 I am Irish. If to be Muslim means to oppose British expeditionism and interference abroad coupled with social repressionism at home, then on Friday 29th April 2011 I am a Muslim. Finally, if to be anarchist, loony lefty or a killjoy means to be more concerned with the wellbeing of a fellow human being, coupled with the belief of a level footing of all people in society without ever needing to be obsequious towards a self-serving clique, then on Friday 29th April 2011, I am that triad.

The Irish and Muslims are not welcome in Britain on Friday 29th April 2011. Sadly for the Establishment, I have no intention of renouncing my right to speak out against the royalist farce.



  1. In reference to your point that Muslims are often made scapegoats for the ills of modern society I implore you to read this link: http://bit.ly/glHA4D

    It is misleading, exaggerated erroneous tirades such as these that only help perpetuate and worsen stereotypes and 'justifications' for such scapegoating.

  2. Incredible. Claiming that a welfare state only works when you have an entirely homogenous people, otherwise, it breeds extremism? Don't make me laugh. Lack of mutual engagement and a historically paternalistic relationship with people is what breeds extremism.