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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

037- Opinion short: A bedroom tax for one and all

I thought the idea behind this post would be original, but alas it is not. My fault entirely for staying out of the loop concerning the so-called 'Bedroom Tax' for so long.

In any case, I - like so many others it seems- have dared to ask the question about applying the 'Bedroom Tax' to every level of society, in the spirit of being "all in this together."

A reader's letter calling for the Royal Family to also be subjected to the "Bedroom Tax"
Dave Sainty of Chesterfield quite rightly asserts that the royal palaces are held in trust for the state by the monarchy, and so are in essence large council properties.

The Royal Family are at the top of the social pile as things stand, and as such, should be made to lead by example and be forced to downsize their accommodation, as so many other 'ordinary' people in social housing will be expected to do.

Failing that, their taxpayer-funded accommodation should be fully opened to the public à la Versailles, drawing maximum economic benefit for all; fully reflecting the blatant under occupancy of these national residences.

They certainly enjoy the second-home perks, with the added bonus of recession-proof excursions on the public purse.

For good measure, I would expect the same reductions to be dealt to our elected (and currently unelected) legislators, who also benefit from generous accommodation allowances, in spite of their significant annual salaries.

It is little surprise that such a "tax" is to be imposed. After all, what knowledge could rich executive legislators and obscenely wealthy (and secretly omnipotent) rubber-stamping royals, truly have of the economic plight of laymen?


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